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Pill Planner Program

Our Pill Planner Program is a medication management program designed to promote independence and improve quality of life. Our program is customized to each individual’s lifestyle and abilities. Our goal is to promote 100% patient medication adherence and compliance.

Who does it benefit?

The Busy Professional

This program offers convenience to the individual with an active lifestyle. Organized pill planners take the guess work out of managing medications on your own. Free delivery and pick up offers the advantage of timeliness and a shorter to-do list.

The Aging Population

This is an excellent program for aging people and individuals caring for them. It is meant to provide peace of mind in knowing their medication management needs are taken care of.

The Independent Living Residents

This program assists individuals with medication compliance. Because of this they are able to live independently longer.


What are the benefits?

  • Individualized medication review addressing dose, time of day, interactions, adherence, and side effects.
  • Up-to date medication list provided. List is updated each time there is a medication change.
  • Delivery/pick-up for any new, changed, or discontinued medications at no extra charge.
  • Simple payment options available through a monthly Nation’s Medicines account or credit/debit card.

So How Does It Work?

The Pill Planner Program is very easy for you! Just let us know you’re interested and we’ll take care of the rest! With the program, you get added services, including:

  • Preparation and delivery of a supply of routine medications in specialized packaging.
  • Pickup of empty trays.
  • If any medication changes are made, current trays are picked up, updated, and returned.
  • Up-to-date medication list available at any time to provide to health care practitioners or authorized family members.
  • Drug therapy review each time we refill your trays.
  • Trays are filled only by registered pharmacists.

Even if insurance requires you to get your medication by mail-order, we can still take care of you through the Pill Planner Program! We are committed to the quality care and personalized service of our customers in this program.

To learn more about our Pill Planner Program, or to sign up, give us a call today at (270)926-4080!


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